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After a Donald Trump rally on Thursday, June 2nd 2016, there were several instances of violence involving Trump supporters and Trump protesters. All of the aggression appears to have come from the side of the “protesters” … whom can possibly be better identified as rabble rousers, agent provocateurs, rioters, and generally lawless individuals. Many of the people involved with the criminal activity, including the harassing and then egging in the face of a woman wearing jersey with “Trump” on the back, appeared to have been illegal immigrants from Mexico. Their nationality is not necessarily determined by their physical appearance, but by simply observing the Mexican flags they were waving. Which, of course, is another common thread found in these types of “protests.”

Donald Trump has been very vocal about building a wall between Mexico and the United States, and that Mexico will pay for it. He has also spoken about deporting all illegals, then possibly bringing them back in through a legal process. This strikes a nerve with many illegal immigrants in general, especially those from Mexico. Of course, they don’t want to be deported (even though they are breaking the law) so they come out and exercise the only power they have, which is the power of disruption and violence. Mexican illegal immigrants have their fingerprints all over the San Jose situation. They punched random people leaving the rally, spit on people, accosted people, just generally showed a great disdain for law and order.

Some people on the left would think that the wild behavior seen outside of Trump rallies to protest him benefits their cause. But the reality is that this is a new day. The old school tactics of voter intimidation, a la the KKK intimidating Republican voters, aren’t going to work the same way they did in the past. With the advent of always-connected, always-on media, people can witness who is doing what and make an assumption as to why they’re doing it. Then, then can sit with the information for a while and decide how to process it. Many of those people will be repelled away from that behavior, into the arms of the right where Trump is the main man.

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