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The 2016 Presidential Election in Austria have come under fire for allegations of fraud. The presumptive winner and “far right” canddiate, who was leading up until the very end, Norbert Hofer, wound up losing the election by a mere 31,000 votes. The deciding factor was the mail-in votes, which were counted last apparently. 700,000 mail-in votes were counted, which is a 300% increase from the previous election in 2010. These votes could have been from people living in Austria that did not make it to the polls, but it was most likely majority people that were not living in Austria at all who just happened to be Austrian citizens at the time. Some areas of Austria reported a voter turnout of more than 100%, one with over 140% voter turnout. This doesn’t seem possible, given that 100% should be the maximum, and most provinces won’t even see that. How did all of this happen, and why?

Austria, politically, has to be looked at through the lens of the region’s history. Being a candidate on the far-right is a very taboo and sensitive thing in that part of Europe, given the history of the Nazi party and their occupation of Austria during the war. It’s so much of a taboo, in fact, that the term “far-right” is not the same thing that it means in the United States. When Americans think “far right” … we’re usually talking about bonafide hate groups like the KKK. In Austria, far-right may simply mean someone who opposes en masse illegal immigration, open borders, and endless welfare. Basically, a person with common sense. There was a sit-down talk show where a person argued against Hofer saying that since the Austrian people are well off financially, for the most part, that they shouldn’t mind opening their borders *and* wallets to refugees since they can afford to do it.

Never mind if the financial capability is there to house all of these non skilled eaters from the third world. What about the social ramifications? There was a 10 year old boy who was brutally assaulted by an Iranian who called the attack a “sexual emergency” because he hadn’t seen his wife in 4 months. There, of course, was the incident that happened in Cologne, Germany with the mass harassment of over 1,000 women on New Year’s Day. Many of these “migrants” do not care to use toilets at all, and will urinate/defecate on the ground. They don’t have the same hygiene habits, cultural habits, religion, or respect for the land native people. The current viewpoint of the EU and many people on the left is that this type of behavior should be acceptable, but nearly 50% of the people in Austria that voted for Mr. Hofer, beg to differ.

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