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Another Donald Trump rally descended into chaos at the hands of organized social justice warrior liberals, this time in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The main event to the madness was not centered inside of the actual rally inside the Convention Center, rather it was mainly outside with multiple demonstrations, some connected with each other, many not. Previous Trump rallies that were bombarded with protests were simply rumored to have been organized in a sophisticated way. This time, there are plenty of public Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts directly instructing people to come “rally against hate.”

The only hate to be seen at the Trump rally in New Mexico was from the protesters themselves. Police on horseback and and on foot had to eventually engage in crowd control after the protesters broke storefront windows, harassed Trump supporters, set flags and articles of clothing on fire, and more. When the police engaged in the aforementioned crowd control, some of the crowd got even more rowdy. Bottles and rocks were thrown not only at the police officers, injuring many of them, they were also thrown at police horses.

A human being can only get so low. It’s one thing to fight against another human being. That, in some ways, is part of human nature. Not that it is an acceptable thing, however, to fight people just because you disagree. It’s quite despicable actually, especially when the other side is peaceful. But to get so low as to start throwing objects and pushing dumpsters up against HORSES, just crosses a line. Why attempt to injure a horse? Horses are not pests and they are not food. No sense in injuring them, especially when police are riding them to disperse a crowd. People normally respect a horseback officer and disperse without any drama. These “protesters” don’t appear to have any respect for police, animals, or themselves. Which is why all of these Trump rallies descend into chaos. With people like them attending, how could it end in any other way?

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Protesters Throw Rocks at Police Horses Outside Trump Rally in Albuquerque

Donald Trump Holds Rally in New Mexico, Protesters Clash With Police

Join us today at 4! Hate is not welcome in Nuevo Mexico!

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