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President Barack Obama announced members to a new organization, an Adivsory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Purpose of the council is to “bridge the gap” between the Federal Government and local faith-based groups and organizations such as Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, etc. Their purpose is also to reach out to secular, community based organizations that assist the local communities in which they are based. One appointment that has drawn much attention and backlash, is the appointment of Barbara Satin, a transgender male to female individual.

The reason why the appointing of Barbara Satin is important is because faith-based organizations generally do not accept hedonistic or homosexual lifestyles. Not as a matter of bigotry, but simply as a matter of core beliefs. The exact duties of the advisory council aren’t as of yet crystal clear, but it’s obvious that they will be dealing with religious organizations such as churches. Why would Obama appoint someone who is living a lifestyle that goes against the doctrine that the overwhelming majority of churches preach?

It could be because Obama is trying to undermine the importance of the church. As churches empty, prisons fill. It seems as though drugs and debauchery are readily available in the United States, with a continuously, and purposefully, weakening counterbalance. A desperate, lost, and drugged up people are much easier to control. It’s easier to convince them to vote for people that will take care of them rather than to have the drive and determination to take care of themselves. What is the purpose in waking up every day, being innovative, finding a new way to do a common task, or a new task to do, when you can simply sit around and do whatever you want that is non productive and deviant? That seems to be the direction the country is going in, and this appointment of a transgender person seems to be another nail in the coffin of religiosity in America.

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