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Milo Yiannopolous, a conservative, gay, Greek, Jew, was interrupted by #BlackLivesMatter (or Black LIES Matter) protesters after they stormed the stage during his event at DePaul University in Chicago Illinois. He was in the middle of a set about feminism, and how it’s a cancer, especially on college campuses, when a (relatively) young black male stormed the stage while blowing a whistle, presumably to drown out Milo. He was immediately followed by a black female companion who proceeded to snatch the microphone from the actual host of the event who was interviewing Milo. She then screamed in Milo’s face, looking like she was going to hit him.

Apparently, this dust up, and the ensuing attempts at intimidating Milo, were done because he supports Trump and the fact that he’s a conservative. The aforementioned black male with the whistle got on stage and tried to start an anti-Trump chant after he called Milo “a stupid man.” The man may have actually presented himself before, since someone who looks just like him managed to get on stage at a Trump rally before Trump was there, and got right behind Trump’s podium, before being forcibly removed. Maybe it’s the same guy, maybe not.

Whatever the case may be, this now seems to be a trend at college campuses. To obfuscate voices that are dissenting in view with what the campus safe-space crybabies agree with. Want to preach personal responsibility? They don’t want to hear it, and they’ll be vocal about it. Hard work? Bootstraps? Nope. None of that jives with the social justice narrative that is nothing more than attempting to leech off of those that produce to feed those that either cannot or, most usually, WILL NOT produce. Milo Yiannopolous, along with Steven Crowder from Louder with Crowder and “Based Mom” Christina Hoff Sommers, should not be discouraged from going to these colleges. Although they keep getting bombarded by the crazy fascist liberals, they are still getting through to the sane people that will drive the country forward. The safe spacers will come around in their own time, maybe when, at age 28, they can’t find a job because they have no skill other than grievance mongering.

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