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Apple (APPL) CEO Tim Cook refuses to allow the United States Federal Government to gain a “backdoor” to iOS in their attempt to hack into the cellphone of the San Bernardino terrorists, who attacked a Christmas Holiday party in December of 2015, killing 14 people. The Federal Government, via US Magistrate Sheri Pym, ordered Apple to provide the necessary information to crack the cellphone on Tuesday, February 16, 2016. Many see this case as yet another battle in the constant war of security vs. privacy in the United States. Some say that security should be tantamount to American patriotism, and that it should be upheld at all costs, above all (über alles) as Donald Trump said. There are others, such as former CIA employee Eric Snowden, who say that privacy should not be sacrificed in the name of security, because at a certain point, it becomes domestic spying.

The core issue involved is the precedent that the outcome of this case will set. If the United States prevails, then they would have access to your cellphone at any time, via a “master key” which could bypass encryption. Many say that they want to use it for one phone, but once the technology is available for use, it can be used on all iPhones. Furthermore, foreign nations such as China, North Korea, and Russia will also use the technology. There will also be common rogue criminals who use the technology for other nefarious purposes.

Tim Cook has one week from the initial court order to respond. He says that he will fight the case in court, and the magnitude of the case indicates that it may wind up in the Supreme Court. Which, of course, is interesting timing, considering Justice Antonin Scalia has recently passed away, and there is another controversy over whether or not President Obama should fill the vacancy immediately or allow the next President to do it. Many are afraid that he will replace the staunch conservative Scalia with a more liberal judge. Which could directly impact a precent setting case like Apples V. United States. The importance of the nomination, therefore, has just become that much more important.

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