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Kenneth Franklin Gadsen Shinzato, a 32 year old former United States Marine, now based in Okinawa Japan, confessed to the brutal rape and murder of a 20 year old Japanese woman named Rina Shimabukuro earlier in the year 2016. The brutal event has shocked the island of Okinawa and also greater Japan. Japan is not a place where violent crime often happens. in a nation of around 125 million people, there are less than 500 murders per year. Which is usually less than the city of Chicago Illinois alone – where there are less than 10 million people even in the Chicagoland Metro Area. However, there is a very high suicide rate in Japan, somewhere around 3,000 per year, but that is a different topic.

Japan is not a violent place. Many Japanese are not only upset at Americans on Okinawa, but also Barack Obama. Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister, scolded Barack Obama for the incident caused by the US military when he came to Hiroshima to pay tribute (but not apologize) to the people who died via nuclear attack from USA. Some would say that the scolding from Abe to Obama was no more than a dog and pony show, because Abe is pro-US presence.

The point here is that these types of crimes among the native Japanese are not common. Japan is not really a multicultural society; it is 98.5% ethnic Japanese, and the largest minorities are Korean and maybe some Chinese, but that’s about it. However, there are pockets of foreigners at the air base on Okinawa, and they have behaved badly before. It’s to the point now where many Japanese people have started to actually protest the United States military presence on Okinawa. There has been a pending construction project for a long while now that is always tied up in some sort of delay. Reason being, the residents of the island don’t want any bases there.

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