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Kati Danforth, or as she is known on twitter #BasedKatie, wrecked Black Lives Matter at DePaul University after they rushed the stage, interrupting a Milo Yiannopolous event. Milo, at the time of interruption, was speaking about feminism, when one of the black lives matter males ran on stage while blowing a whistle, soon to be followed by another black lives matter participant, a young black woman who was dancing. Other members of the “protest” group soon followed behind, sitting in front of the actual stage that Milo was speaking from. The young black woman who rushed the stage snatched the microphone away from the interviewer, then screamed at and threatened Milo.

As the event was attempting to proceed through all of the chaos that Black Lies Matter brought, a young black woman named Kati Danforth, a math major in her junior year at DePaul University, was yelling from the crowd at the protesters to take some personal responsibility. Milo invited her to come up, then the wrecking commenced. The aforementioned black woman who snatched the microphone away from the interviewer and threatened Milo was none too pleased. She called Kati a “white supremacist” for speaking about personal responsibility and working hard. Another one of the black LIES matter protesters, a young male who was sitting in front of the stage, decided to take what appeared to be his personal frustrations and insecurities out on Kati. He screamed nearly in her face, saying that she didn’t know who he was. She told him who she was, her name, major, and year. The crowd cheers. He continues to scream. This goes on for a while, but she eventually takes her seat.

As she sat down, the crowd cheered. Everyone in the room knew that she was in the right to defend the College Republicans and to go against the fascists of black LIES matter. She represents what black America could, and should, be. Forward thinking, positive, truly progressive (not liberal) and focused on achieving a goal that will help society go forward. Unlike the black LIES matter protesting crybabies, who just want to shut people up that they don’t like because their feelings are hurt.

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